About Us

Why Car 'n' Cab Care?

Car ‘n’ Cab Care Limited is a business that has been over 28 years in the making.  Owner Shaun Marnell grew the concept through his experience of owning a car showroom which evolved into a successful ‘settle’ car and cab company before finally becoming an insurance approved repair and credit hire centre – this ‘one stop shop’ is now firmly established with an outstanding reputation.

Taxi drivers cannot afford to buy a used vehicle without the aid, support and discounts – why??  It’s simple, drivers find it expensive to buy, service, fix and maintain high mileage vehicles.  Based on Shaun Marnell’s experience, plus the added cost and stress involved in trying to help our drivers keep working, we decided to change an already successful business model.  A new brand, a new role model, plus a chance to change the trade whilst understanding it’s needs as the vehicles you drive provide your lifestyle.

A name for what we do was chosen – Car ‘n’ Cab Care.  Since 2012 as a sole trader and 2015 as a Limited Company Car ‘n’ Cab Care (Limited) has been providing brand new vehicles with massive discounts, but also supplying hackneys for Cab Direct whilst providing the support and warranties.  We provide vehicles from Ford UK with large discounts and extended warranties and since February 2018 can now offer Skoda, Seat and Hyundai with similarly low prices and Mercedes-Benz have also realised a new agent in the North West area was required.

Thousands upon thousands have experienced our ‘one stop shop’ from the huge discounts, low rate finance, accident repair and vehicle replacement services or generally just advice.  The company brand and presence is growing across mainland UK and now into Ireland.

View Shaun Marnell Limited website for more services and why drivers utilise our services each and every day.